Hand Painted

Maine Stone Paperweights

These beautiful Maine Stone Paperweights are hand painted by registered State of Maine artist Anita F. Poulin. “I consider my hand painted Maine stone paper weights, miniature fine art.
Two of my favorite things growing up were creating art and collecting rocks. If I wasn’t drawing or coloring, I was collecting and cracking open the rocks I found along lakes and streams. I loved going to the slate mines to gather slate in all shapes and sizes.
“Rocks with unusual lines, bumps and grooves project an image in my mind. It’s like the rock is telling me what to paint on it’s surface. Painting on natural rock makes me happy. When I paint on rocks and slate, I’m painting for me”!
A. F. Poulin is a self taught artist. She has lived in Maine all of her life and has been painting and teaching art in this community for the past 40 years. She teaches at the University of Maine Senior College as well as private and group lessons in her home studio. She has been the recipient of purchase prizes at the Portland Sidewalk Art Show as well as the Androscoggin Valley Art Association Art Shows.